Senna confirmed as the new League of Legends support champion

By Marta Juras


Oct 16, 2019

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After a few leaks and teases, Riot Games has finally confirmed Senna to be the next champion coming to League of Legends. Senna will be a unique support marksman.

The 10th-anniversary edition of Riot Pls got fans excited about a number of new features and games Riot has been developing, including League’s preseason changes, a new mobile game, a new FPS game, and more.

Senna is League’s first support marksman


One of the exciting announcements for League of Legends itself was the confirmation that Senna, Lucian’s wife who has played an important part in his lore, is going to be joining the Summoners’ Rift this preseason as a playable champion. Senna will be the first champion in League to have elements of both supports and marksmen.

Riot has introduced players to Senna and given them a glimpse of what she will be like through an animated video featured during the anniversary broadcast. The animation shows Lucian finally finding his way through to breaking Thresh’s lantern, where Senna’s soul was imprisoned.

Once out of the lantern, Senna emerges from the Black Mist and uses a shield fired from a gun to protect Lucian from Thresh’s chains, with the shield probably being one of her defensive in-game abilities. She’s wielding a weapon named the Light Cannon and weilds the power of the mist, raising questions about the nature of her humanity.

Lucian and Senna’s love survived death


Senna is reunited with Lucian as a potentially undead creature and is using the power of a wraith, embracing her death so that she could liberate souls as sheis reborn again.

Which abilities and stats Senna will have, or if she’ll be a preferred pick for support or carry players, is still unknown. Regardless, players are excited for the release of yet another unique champion, especially coming with a number of other preseason changes.

Senna will be playable on League’s Public Beta Environment (PBE) server from October 29, and will be going live across all servers on November 10.


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