Secretlab reveals slick new League of Legends chairs

By Christian Vejvad


Aug 12, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

One of the most popular gaming chair brands has just revealed a new series in collaboration with Riot Games, with new chairs inspired by selected League of Legends champions. 

The new set of chairs features designs inspired by Akali, Yasuo, and Ahri, making it possible for League of Legends fans to get a unique chair with some of their favorite champions represented thematically. In addition to the three champion-themed chairs, Secretlab also revealed a K/DA edition chair. 

All chairs are representing the champions through their in-game theme and design. The front of each chair has the champion’s weapon engraved, while the back of the chairs each have the corresponding champion’s main features on display, such as Yasuo’s tornado. 

The chairs can be bought through either the Omega or Titan series. These two chairs are essentially the same design, but the Titan series is a bit bigger and more expensive. The price for an Omega edition is $389, while the Titan edition is available for $429. 

Secretlab has been the official chair partner for several professional esports competitions, previously producing League of Legends chairs highlighting the LEC and the World Championship. Secretlab has also been actively sponsoring several big esports organizations that all have their own special edition chairs. Teams such as G2 Esports, Astralis, Team Liquid, and Cloud9 can be found in the chair catalog. 

It’s possible to pre-order all of the new chairs on Secretlabs’ website. The shipments are estimated to begin on October 14, so acquiring one of these new chairs will require some patience.