Sage can solo hold bomb sites with this Barrier Orb boost trick

Fariha Bhatti • January 23, 2021 6:18 pm

Valorant’s Sage is usually considered a support agent who can’t handle a site independently. However, her Barrier Orb could make her a viable site anchor with some strong aim. 

When attackers look to bulldoze one site, Split’s A site for example, it’s a general tactic to stack the site in response and leave a single self-sufficient agent on B to solo-hold the site. In such situations, Sage is rarely ever a top pick to anchor a site alone.

However, a Sage player with sharp aim can change that. With this Barrier Orb setup, the Sentinel agent can play a pivotal role in the team. 

For this setup, walk over to B Tower and stand on the edge of the window. Aim for the new box on Split and set a lineup for Barrier Orb. Make sure that the wall outline is visible on top of the box. 

Once it’s in place, jump and press the ability key simultaneously. You’ll land on a wall on top of the new box, creating a new, unique angle to face the enemies.

From this spot, Sage can scout players coming in from B entrance, Haven, and even defender’s spawn. Attackers pushing won’t be expecting Sage on this angle, giving her an edge over the enemies. The Sentinel can easily win duels from this off-angle and add kills to her scoreboard. Using footsteps and other information, Sage can use this spot to curb attackers with Slow Orb, buying more time for her teammates to rotate and retake the site. 

A tactical Barrier placement can make Sage a menace for the clueless enemies. While it’s usually expected for Sage to sit at the bottom of the scoreboard, smart use of her toolkit can earn her bonus kills. 

Can Sage revive herself in Valorant?

In ranked matches, Sage’s ability to revive works only for her teammates. While the agent can resurrect the dead, she can’t do the same for herself. However, a Redditor found out that Sentinel could bring herself back from the dead in Practice range. 

User TheFingerThief jumped down from the cliff in practice range and died instantly. As soon as her agent respawned, the player revived Sage’s corpse. While the body did come back to life, it was the voice line after the resurrection that surprised the Valorant players. Riot Games had already added “so that’s what it feels like” voice line upon Sage’s self-revival. The same doesn’t work in competitive matches. However, Riot’s addition of Sage’s dialogue did pique the interest of the players. 


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