Riot sends personal thank you notes to Honor 5 LoL players

Milo Webb • October 20, 2019 11:30 pm

League of Legends is currently celebrating its 10th birthday and Riot Games is commemorating the occasion by offering all players a slew of in-game rewards.

That said, a small, special group is getting a personal shoutout from the publisher. Some honor level 5 players on the NA servers are receiving emails from Riot Games personally thanking them for their sportsmanlike behavior. Many of those who received the honors shared the news on Reddit.

“Thank you for being a positive influence in-game. We appreciate and are grateful for all that you bring to the League of Legends community. The game is better with you in it,” Riot Games said.

Each email includes a photo of a drawing that refers to the summoner by their in-game name. Reddit user u/mikemart6 shared his drawing on a thread. The artwork had the player’s IGN “mikemart” plastered on the front of a building parodying the store Walmart. Riot staffer Mustachinato replied to u/mikemart6’s comment and identified themselves as the artist behind the picture.

“I hopped onto reddit this morning when I saw this thread and was wondering if by chance you had gotten my picture; thanks for sharing! Definitely made my morning to see that it made its way to you,” Riot Mustachinato said.

Reddit user and Riot employee u/Kushnood posted a photo of a collection of thank you letters hanging up on the Riot office wall.

Many players are appreciative of this thoughtful move by Riot Games, but not everyone will be receiving this special form of recognition. u/Kushnood informed fans that there were far too many players to each receive a personal message.

“Don’t be sad if you didn’t get one though! There were over 5 million summoners’ names we pulled. We were busy all day and got through like, 400,” u/Kushnood said.

It is unfortunate that not every honor level 5 player will receive the same treatment as those lucky 400, but this is a case where it’s the thought that counts.


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