Riot selling LoL Valentine’s Day merch featuring Rakan and Xayah

Marta Juras • February 3, 18:00

Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly and Riot Games has something special for couples that play League of Legends. The publisher is rolling out a special 2020 Valentine’s Collection that fans can give to that special someone, or keep for themselves if they just happen to be a collector.

Fittingly, most of the items in the collection are based on League of Legends’ top power couple, Xayah and Rakan. Four new items were put on sale, three of which are themed after the duo.

The first item on the list is a pair of Xayah and Rakan bracelets. Feathers and skulls iconic to the two champions hang on two different braided leather bracelets, making for a cute couple accessory, or to symbolize a bot lane duo friendship. Bracelets come in custom packaging that includes a notecard and a biography page, all for the price of $75.

Xayah Rakan  bracelet

There is also a mousepad featuring the artwork of the Rakan and Xayah Sweetheart skins. Finally, there is a pair of keychains with one featuring Rakan and the other featuring Xayah. 

Those that aren’t fans of Rakan and Xayah have another option. The limited edition Sweetheart pin pack includes pins of Heartseeker Yuumi, Jinx, and Ashe.

Rakan and Xayah aren’t the only LoL Valentine’s Day gifts

The 2020 Valentine’s Day collection isn’t the only official LoL merchandise that can be given as gifts. There are a number of suitable plushie options, including Poro cushions, Star Guardian familiar packs, and Tibbers teddy bears.

Not every Valentine’s Day gift has to be cute and adorned pink hearts though, so most items in Riot’s merchandise shop can make a nice gift for a passionate League of Legends player. Figures, statues, clothing, books, artwork, and even board games are available for sale. The developer is making sure it’s monetizing everything it can.


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