Riot releases Valorant First Strike rules and details

Jessica Scharnagle • October 19, 18:19

Riot Games has revealed the rules and new information about its first global esports event, First Strike.

This is the first event that is being held by Riot Games in conjunction with many third party organizers for the regional events. This tournament will serve as a first-look for many teams, including teams from regions that aren’t heavily represented like the Middle East and Brazil.

Each region will have its own tournament rules and structure to determine which team moves forward to the finals. For Europe, the event will begin on November 9 and will include two weeks of structured matches. For Brazil, there will be open qualifiers starting October 17. The OCE region sees the start of its tournament on November 14. In Korea the 24 teams with the highest cumulative Circuit Points will compete in the First Strike Qualifiers which takes place November 12-22. Qualifiers for this region compete in Clan Battles that will take place four times in October.

First Strike Circuit Points can be earned in each round, and the teams with the highest cumulative Circuit Points will have the opportunity to compete in the First Strike Qualification.

Details about other tournaments in the remaining regions will be released at a later date. 

Valorant First Strike tourney

How will Valorant’s First Strike tournament work?

Valorant’s first self-run tournament emphasizes the need for more representation around the world and thus will be holding open qualifiers in North America, Europe, CIS, Turkey, Asia, Oceana, Brazil, and the Middle East. Regional qualifier dates vary by region, but in some areas, the qualifiers will start mid-October and run until the end of November, and conclude at the final which will take place December 3-6. 

Players 16 and above who have earned a rank of Immortal 1 will be eligible to compete in the qualifiers, but the rules may vary by region as more details are released.

More details pertaining to each region are still in the process of being revealed to fans. 


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