Riot is looking to improve client performance in champion select

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Riot Games announced in a recent dev post that it will be looking to resolve champion select bugs and make the transition to the post-game lobby screen smoother for players. 

Through different surveys, developers at Riot have collected information to outline which client problems are the most important frustrating, according to players. Riot has previously worked towards improving the client bootstrap time and will now be focusing on the next issues in line. 

In the surveys, Riot outlined five common issues that players run into on a consistent basis. These problems include bugs when selecting orbanning a champion and slow loading times before and after games. 

The problem that has occurred the most, and has also been the most frustrating, is when players are unable to pick or ban during champion select. Bugs like these can have a big impact on a game and cause unintentional dodges. The second problem Riot will be looking at is the time it takes to get to the end game screen after the nexus explodes. 

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While the graph shows other problems players are dealing with on a regular basis, there won’t be time for solving everything immediately. Riot will be looking to improve the most severe problems, which includes the following three commitments:

  • Make champion select streamlined and more reliable
  • Re-evaluate the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) of champion select
  • Address as many known bugs as possible

The community has been waiting for improvements in the client for years, and it finally seems like Riot is working towards making these improvements a reality, even though they will take time to implement.

“This process will take time, certainly more than we’d like. But our commitment throughout our campaign is to talk to you about our work the same way we’re talking to each other about it internally,” Riot said. 

League client bootstrap time has improved drastically 

Riot also provided an update in the recent dev post in which it was shown that the bootstrap time for the client has improved drastically over the game’s most recent patches. 

The bootstrap time is the time it takes for the client to load. The issue has especially been big for players on slow computers. At the beginning of the year, Riot set a target to get client bootstrap time down to 15 seconds. Riot is now down to 18.5 seconds for players in the 90th percentile.

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