Riot is looking to buff crit ADC in LoL Patch 10.25 and much more

By Christian Vejvad


Nov 19, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

While patch 10.24 is not even on the live servers yet, Riot has already presented the first preview of patch 10.25. 

During the preseason, Riot is trying to be as proactive as possible to let fans know what is going to happen in the game. As of right now, the preseason has brought a lot of bugs and imbalance that Riot will look to fix as soon as possible. 

Patch 10.24 will include a lot of changes to items and smaller changes to a few champions that are either too strong or weak in the current state of the game. For patch 10.25, Riot will continue to work on those aspects by buffing crit ADC’s, enchanter supports, ability power jungle items, and more. 

According to gameplay design director Mark “Scuffy” Yetter, these changes are not 100% guaranteed, but Riot is trying to get a head start on the likely issues by posting an early preview. Patch 10.24 will determine if some of these changes are still needed, or if patch 10.24 solves the problems. 

What will be in LoL Patch 10.24?

The most notable change is that Riot will be actively looking to buff crit for ADC’s. The current state of many marksmen is bad because the new crit items are not as strong as previously. These champions have been struggling to deal with the strong tanks and clearly need more options to work around a heavy frontline. 

Riot might also nerf tanks further on patch 10.25, but the extent will likely depend on the upcoming patch. Currently, tanks such as Amumu, Shen, Malphie, and others are dominating Summoner’s Rift by using the Sunfire Aegis Mythic item and other tank items to become almost invincible. 

Patch 10.25 could also hold some buffs to enchanter supports, AP jungle items, and changes to Pantheon so he will be more viable in solo lanes. Riot has recently mentioned that they want Pantheon to shift away from the support role and go back into either top or mid where he belongs originally. 

LoL patch 10.25 is expected to hit the live servers on Wednesday, December 9. 


Who is the strongest ADC in LoL?

While ADC’s in LoL are currently struggling on the 2021 preseason patch, the strongest currently is Jhin. 

Jhin is sitting at a 53.39% win rate in Platinum rank and up and is by far the best option as a bot laner. The long-ranged marksman is doing very well with the Eclipse Mythic item, followed up by The Collector. The two items give Jhin a lot of damage potential, while he can operate fairly safely in the backline. 

Jhin players like to follow those items up with crit such as the Infinity Edge and Rapid Firecannon, items that might see a buff on patch 10.25 according to Riot.  


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