Riot is aiming to release two new items and rework Sanguine Blade

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New items might be coming to League of Legends this summer. 

In a recent Ask Riot blog, players got a look into two new potential items and a rework to Sanguine Blade. One of the items will be a Legendary tank item, to help counter fed carries and split pushers. The other one is a support Legendary item, that will be focused towards enchanters. Lastly, Riot will be reworking Sanguine Blade to broaden its appeal to any AD champion. 

New tank and support item teaser for League of Legends

Likely the most exciting wrinkle of this is the two new items Riot teased. The tank item is expected to hit live servers and help tanks deal with fed carries. According to Riot, the item will have a binding just like Knight’s Vow or Zeke’s Convergence. The difference is that this bind will be cast on an enemy instead of a teammate. 

The item will grant the caster damage reduction against the binded enemy, as well as an aura that reduces tenacity. To activate this aura, the caster and enemy have to be close to each other. This makes the item perfect for melee tanks that want to stick to an enemy. 

The other new item will cater towards enchanter supports. Specifically, it will be a defensive item that will help squishy enchanter supports survive. As of right now, these champions have few defensive options which makes them vulnerable to all sorts of bursts. 

“The new item will provide burst resistance in the vein of Zhonya’s Hourglass, but with a much more supportive bend,” Riot said. 

Sanguine Blade to get a rework

The other big news in the Ask Riot blog is that Sanguine Blade will get a rework. Right now, Riot feels that the item has a good theme but its stats are is too weak. To change this, Riot will be taking it out of the lethality space and instead make it viable for any attack damage user.

“We’ll be shifting the item’s power so that it partially indexes in 1cX potential,” Riot said. “It’ll also partially index into taking a tower that is being defended by a durable opponent.”

The tank item and Sanguine Blade are expected to arrive in a patch during the summer, while players will have to wait a bit more for the support item. 


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