Riot Games Reveals New esports arena in Korea

By Milo Webb


Sep 19, 2018

Reading time: 1 min

With the 2018 World Championship approaching, Riot Games has revealed their new League of Legends stadium in Korea.

LoL PARK is located in Seoul, South Korea, and stands out with its unique interior design. The stage floor centers around a cylindrical booth in which pro players will compete. This allows front row spectators to watch the action in close proximity to the players. There are also several large monitors that screen the match to audience members seated elsewhere.

 “The League focused stadium is more of an arena style than a studio,” said Lee Seung Hyun, a representative of Riot Games Korea.

 LoL PARK seems designed to provide the ultimate fan experience. The stadium contains a 100-seat internet cafe, a Riot Games merchandise store, and a Bilgewater-themed restaurant. The venue also hosts an exhibit containing LCK team uniforms, 3D figures, and statues of League of Legends champions.

 An officially organized fan meeting area is held inside the facility itself, unlike in most other venues which force fans outside.

 The venue holds up to 500 attendees, making it relatively small compared to most traditional sports arenas. LoL PARK’s designers seem more interested in providing guests with a great experience that relates South Korea’s love for esports.

 “I only hope that LoL PARK can provide a unique experience to everyday life,” Lee Seung Hyun said.

 LoL PARK will officially open during the World Championship Play-In Stage on November 1.