Riot Games partners up with Universal for new LoL Worlds songs

By Christian Vejvad


Aug 18, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games will be teaming up with Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) for the upcoming 2020 League of Legends World Championship, as six brand new songs will be made for the event. 

The partnership includes an esports-themed music camp, which 14 famous Universal Music Group artists attended to create six new songs for the World Championship back in July. The artists include such names as Matzka, Gong, Chiyo Monna, and more. 

Those names might not sound familiar to most people in the west, but every included artist has already made a name for themselves in Asia, and more specifically in China where Worlds will be held. Among the artists, fans will find Golden Melody Award and Best Brand Award winners, as well as some reality show stars. 

Last year, the KD/A live performance was a big hit during the 2019 World Championship, and it was performed by some of the biggest names in k-pop. Riot may be mainly tailoring its musical experience towards its Asian audience which is by far the biggest portion of its audience. But the KD/A music also proved popular in other regions around the world. 

Riot producing original music tracks for 2020 World Championship

Riot has been known to promote its biggest annual event with music and live performances, and this year’s 2020 World Championship will be no different in this regard. In fact, this year Riot seems to be taking it a step further by producing several such songs. 

When music meets and mixes with gaming, it is simply exciting. I look forward to empowering and celebrating the 10th World Championship of the League of Legends with music of power and varied style through working with UMPG,” Leo Lin, head of Riot Games China, said. 

It was recently announced that the event will take place entirely in Shanghai, instead of the original plan which would have seen the event move around China. The new music partnership might be enough to create the extra hype needed for the event. 

The 2020 World Championship will start on September 25, with the grand final being played on October 31. The music is expected to be released throughout the event and may even see a release prior to it in order to get everyone hyped up.