Riot Games delivers new info on Fantasy LCS progress, release date

By Milo Webb


Sep 9, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games is giving the community a sneak peak at its plans for the upcoming redesigned Fantasy LCS platform

In March, LCS commissioner Chris Greeley responded to the community’s questions regarding the Fantasy League. Greeley promised everyone that Riot planned to have something to show by spring 2020. He said that the team behind the Fantasy LCS revival was aiming to create something “head and shoulders above” their previous products.

Now, Greeley returns with an update to fans on the status of the project as well as some of the ideas the team is pursuing. Greeley separates the team’s current goals into three sections.

The first is Riot Games searching for a third-party fantasy provider to join forces with it to create a platform for the LCS. Greeley had previously mentioned that if an in-house team was unable to create a sufficient product, the developer would look outside of its walls for assistance from a more established source.

The next idea being tossed around is the team experimenting with other “games” around the fantasy space. Greeley doesn’t provide a concrete explanation about what these “games” might be, but he does mention that Riot is working with other fantasy providers to develop them.

Lastly, Greeley mentions that Riot Games has teamed up with esports data company Bayes Esports to assist their fantasy provider partners with the future development of a new Fantasy LCS platform.

Greeley states that talks between Riot and these third-party fantasy providers are in progress, but so far nothing has yet made for the right fit.

“Some groups didn’t think they could rebuild the user base, some wanted a lot of money to try, and others wanted to move to different fantasy models that we didn’t think would have good long-term appeal,” Greeley said.

The commissioner assured fans that Riot will continue to search for a satisfactory partner to help create the best Fantasy LCS platform possible by spring 2020.

Greeley promises to return with another update after the League of Legends World Championship in October.


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