Riot Games changes Eternals cost, availability after fan outcry

By Milo Webb


Aug 27, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

Riot Games is delaying the launch of Eternals following community feedback criticizing the cost of the new cosmetics.

The revised version of Eternals will be separated into two different types. The first are Commons. These will be available to purchase year-round for 225 RP and can be crafted twice a year in the Essence Emporium for 3500 BE. The second version are Uniques, which will be available year-round for 590 RP. Common sets showcase broader achievements such as kills, objectives destroyed, and takedowns, while Uniques will include the custom-built Eternals like Sylas’ “Stop Hitting Yourself” and Shen’s “Party Crasher.”

All Common Eternals will be available in the Essence Emporium during the cosmetic’s launch, but future sets will need to have been live for a minimum of six months before crafting is made available. Each of the Unique Eternals purchased will include three Unique Eternals per champion.

Eternals were introduced as a new form of customizable cosmetic that would show off an individual player’s proficiency with a particular champion. Riot’s goal is to provide players with champion-specific accomplishments and to establish a new progression system beyond the current structure of masteries. 

However, an Eternal had to be bought with real-world cash, and each of the 140+ champions in the game have their own individual Eternal to be purchased. Riot believed that the use of microtransactions was appropriate in this situation.

League of Legends community pushes back against Eternals


Hundreds voiced their complaints across social media platforms as well as on LoL discussion boards.

“Actually really disappointed that its locked behind RP. I mean, sure, nothing shows skill more than investing money into a game. Guys, this is champion progression…. I own the damn champions,” one player said.

Riot is providing some leniency to Eternals, but it seems that this upcoming mastery system will remain locked behind both in-game and real-world currency.


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