Riot Games and Marvel Comics team up for new comic based on Lux

Milo Webb • April 29, 04:42

Riot Games and Marvel Comics are joining forces once again to bring fans a new graphic novel, this time starring lady of luminosity Luxanna “Lux” Crownguard.

League of Legends: Lux chronicles the complicated life of young mage Lux as she struggles to survive in her home country of Demacia, where all use of magic has been strictly outlawed. The series will span five issues and will focus on Lux as well as her complex relationships with both her brother and legendary Demacian knight Garen and the dangerous outlaw Sylas.

The League of Legends YouTube channel uploaded a video officially announcing the new comic. The footage shows off several pages of panels with no text, as well as the first issue’s cover.

The series is being illustrated by Tan Studios and features the writing talent of John O’Bryan. O’Bryan is credited as a writer on a number of successful animated television shows including “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and “Motorcity”. O’Bryan will explore the mostly untapped lore and history of Demacia in the series’ run which up until now has been largely limited to champion bios.

The publication of League of Legends: Lux will mark the second such collaboration between Riot Games and Marvel Comics, with the first being the duo’s comic release of League of Legends: Ashe – Warmother. That story finished its run earlier this year and, while a physical copy of the series remains unavailable, fans can read all four issues on the League of Legends Universe website.

League of Legends: Lux will be selling a physical collection of all five issues on November 19. Digital copies of the new comic series’ first issue will go on sale May 8 and will be available on the Marvel Comics App and Digital Comics Shop, Comixology, and on Kindle devices.

Pre-orders are available now for $3.99 on the Digital Comics website.


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