Riot Games accidentally leaks upcoming Dr. Mundo rework

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Dr. Mundo is the next champion to receive a rework with more news coming soon, but Riot Games accidentally posted the news before it should have been out

The accidental post by Riot was taken down shortly after it was posted, but League of Legends fans managed to copy the whole post, which is now floating around on social media. The new information shows how Riot is planning to keep Mundo as a simple champion who throws cleavers but will give him a big visual overhaul and likely some changes to his kit as well. 

Dr. Mundo

Riot has already provided information about the rework on several occasions, explaining that the goals for the Mundo rework are to keep him as a simple champion, enhance his kit, and update him visually to fit the current state of the LoL universe. 

In the leaked post, Riot presented some previews of these goals with small gifs of his in-game model, auto-attacks, and Mundo’s visual transformation when he activates his ultimate ability.  

From all the new information, it seems like Mundo will continue to be a bit of a goofy champion with the crazy doctor theme surrounding him as players are already used to. He will also continue to be a cleaver-throwing machine that gets a lot of health regeneration through his ultimate. It’s still expected that there will be changes to his kit, but the specifics are still unknown. 

Riot will likely announce the information officially very soon, but the release date for Dr. Mundo rework remains unknown. 

What lane does Dr. Mundo play?

Dr. Mundo is most commonly seen in the top lane but can also be viable as a jungler. Mundo is a tank champion, which fits perfectly in the top lane. He will turn into a great meat shield as the game goes on, with his heavy regeneration and ability to chase down enemies. In the jungle, Mundo has some great clear but his ganks aren’t something to write home about.  

Is Dr. Mundo a good champion in LoL?

Dr. Mundo has been struggling in solo queue recently and continues to do so on patch 11.1 in season 11. He is currently sitting at a 44% win rate in both the top lane and jungle, which is way too low to be considered a good champion.

Riot has been planning a rework for the Madman of Zaun for a while now and it’s definitely needed. Mundo has been in the game for a long time and has slowly fallen behind the curve as new champions have been released. His kit is a bit outdated and only performs well in very specific situations. Mundo has been viable throughout the past years, but mainly because Riot has been providing buffs for him. 


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