Riot dev confirms League of Legends MMO is in development

Melany Moncav • December 18, 01:54

Riot Games is developing an MMO based in Runeterra, Lead Game Designer Greg Street confirmed on Twitter.

The developer took everyone by surprise on Thursday night when he casually confirmed that Riot is working on a major new project. He discussed his work expanding the lore of the League of Legends universe and gave a nonchalant confirmation that he was working on an MMO project when asked by a fan.

“My recent job at Riot has been to help develop the League universe, which we’re going to need! Because it is time. My new job is to kick off a big (some might say massive) game that many of you, and many Rioters, have been asking us to create,” wrote Street on Twitter.

League of Legends will have an MMO

Fans started talking about a possible MMO in 2019 during the Riot Games 10 year celebration. At the time, Riot revealed Valorant, Wild Rift, a fighting game, and a mysterious game named Project F. While most of the titles announced had some kind of gameplay and an approximate release date, the only thing available about Project F was a short clip.

The community speculated that it could be an MMO and over a year later, Street confirmed the rumors. The new League of Legends MMO will be set in Runeterra and its eight regions. Riot is yet to give any kind of release date, which means it could be some time before it officially unveiled.

Those who want to explore Runeterra and don’t want to wait for the MMO will have the chance to do it with Ruined King: A League of Legends Story. The turn-based RPG developed by Airship Syndicate through Riot Forge, will be available in early 2021 for PC and all major gaming consoles.

Is League of Legends an MMO?

League of Legends is a MOBA developed by Riot Games. However, the company is currently working on an MMO set in the same universe as League of Legends. Few details exist on the game at this time.

Is League of Legends free?

League of Legends is a free-to-play game. Players can unlock new champions and earn rewards through in-game events and by achieving certain milestones like reaching a new level on their account. New champions and skins can also be purchased with cash.


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