Riot announces the official launch date for Clash game mode

By Marta Juras


Feb 6, 2020

Reading time: 1 min

Riot Games shared exciting news for League of Legends players. The official launch of Clash is happening this month!

Clash is officially launching on all Riot’s servers on February 28, though some of the Garena servers in Southeast Asia and China won’t get the experience of the in-game tournament just yet. The developer doesn’t have exact dates on the upcoming Garena launch.

For it to be a special event that still regularly occurs, Riot’s initial decision is to keep Clash rolling just once a month. Players will need to team up and spend their entry tickets, bought either with Blue Essence or earned through missions, to enter the tournament with a slightly different bracket than the one from the beta season.

Three matches for every team, new placements and rewards

Clash will now also include a match for seventh place, guaranteeing every participating team three matches to play, and offering them the same experience for the equal cost. Rewards will mostly be the same, including victory points for unlocking banners, trophies, and different capsules.

Each Clash victory gives 200 points. These points are used to unlock banners that appear in a player’s lane on Summoner’s Rift for the upcoming two weeks. Trophies work the same way, appearing next to the Nexus in different colors. For the duration of two weeks, trophies will be visible on a player’s profile page as well.

Probably the most interesting reward are the capsules. For participating in Clash, players can get either a Clash Capsule or a Clash Orb. Based on the number of entry tickets used as well as the final placing in the tournament, this loot will roll items ranging from summoner icons to skin shards.

The newest addition to the Clash reward system will be the rewards for the seventh and eighth placed teams. Players are now on the search for a team they can climb the tiers starting on February 22.