Rengar getting changes that make him stronger in low ELO games

Christian Vejvad • August 14, 2021 6:06 pm

2021 has been the year of minor reworks in League of Legends and now it looks like Rengar will be the next to get some love. 

In a recent tweet by a Riot Games developer, it was revealed that Rengar will be getting some changes to make him more viable in lower ELO. These changes will hit the Public Beta Environment on Monday, but no exact release date has been set for live servers. These changes will be subject to change as players get to test them on the PBE and will include three of Rengar’s abilities. 

According to Phlox, the goal with these changes is to open up the jungle for Rengar so the assassin won’t be as inaccessible in lower ELO’s. This will be done by changing Rengar’s Unseen Predator passive, Battle Roar (W), and Bola Strike (E). 

Starting with his passive, Rengar will have his max Ferocity stacks decreased from four to only three. The Ferocity falloff time will be increased while the movement speed duration on empowered casts will be extended. Furthermore, Riot will be modifying his jump to not create a stack if at 0. 

For Rengar’s Battle Roar, some big changes will happen. Riot will be removing the heal on its normal cast and instead provide Rengar with bonus armor and magic resist on cast. This resistance will increase the number of targets Rengar hits with the ability. During the empowered cast, Riot will remove the crowd control cleanse but buff the heal. Finally, Rengar will be able to cast Bola Strike without a cast time during a leap and it will also reveal enemies for two seconds, a significant buff for the spell. 

At the moment, Rengar’s win rates are very different depending on ELO. In the higher ranks, Rengar is sitting at a healthy win rate while lower-ranked players are struggling to find success on Rengar in solo queue. 

Only time will tell if these changes will be enough to make Rengar a better pick in lower ranks, but players will be able to test the new Rengar starting Monday on the test servers. 


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