Quick build guide for Sett, from his best runes to his best items

By Marta Juras


Jan 20, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

The latest juggernaut recently went live in League of Legends, instantly becoming one of the favorite top lane picks for many players. Players have been experimenting with different runes and builds on the new champion, but his aggressive play style quickly made it clear which path Sett needs to go.

What players were looking for is to build a champion that can burst any enemy while also being able to stand at the front lines of a team fight. What came as a result is a heavy focus on both damage and sustain. Here’s how to play Sett for a better chance to win the game.

Runes for Sett

What other keystone would a champion that’s looking to be of the highest authority need other than Conqueror? Conqueror stacks adaptive force, and once at 10 stacks, heals Sett based on damage dealt, allowing him to safely engage in a prolonged duel. 

The rest of the Precision path will provide more sustain and more damage. Sett with Resolve as the secondary rune path makes him more defensive, which strengthens his positioning in team fights where, even though he’s dealing damage, Sett still needs to have his team’s back.

How to build Sett

Based on the matchup, players need to decide if they feel confident enough to bring Doran’s Blade to the top lane for a damage advantage in the earliest trades, or go with the health generation of Doran’s Shield for a safer laning phase. The blade is usually the better option.

Once over 1,600 gold is collected from farming and potential kills and turret plates, players should go back to the base to grab Tiamat and Boots. Given it provides higher damage and a 50% increase in base health regeneration, Tiamat is the perfect item for Sett to start cleaving.

Tiamat should then be built into Titanic Hydra, which will increase Sett’s damage and sustain while also providing him with better wave clear, important for the split pushing that sets Sett’s team ahead in the mid game. Following the logic of his sustainability with high burst potential, Black Cleaver and Sterak’s Gage provide him what’s needed, with many confident players also opting out for Trinity Force for its utilization of Knuckle Down’s damage.

How to play Sett on Summoner’s Rift

Sett shines in the early game, and players should be looking for a fight. As long as they’re aware of the wave positions, players should take advantage of Facebreaker’s stun to engage in duels, and use Knuckle Down to damage the enemy. Haymaker comes last in a combo as it helps Sett survive a potential turnaround of the fight, and with Pit Grit stacked, finish the enemy.

With itemization advancing, Sett is looking to push the top lane and get the enemy tower down for a head start to the mid game. With his ultimate ready and the lane pushed, the juggernaut is ready to roam and to be there for objective, fights, and kills.

Once team fights begin, Sett players should be looking to use The Show Stopper to move the enemy tank away from the fight, giving his team more space to attack the back line. After taking care of the tank, Sett can quickly return to the fight, bringing crowd control with Facebreaker and finishing the enemy team up with Knuckle Down’s and Haymaker.


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