PUBG Season 4 update adds cross-play, changes to Erangel

By Quentyn Kennemer


Aug 20, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ Season 4 is due soon, and PUBG Corp. used the background of Gamescom to share new details about changes to Erangel, among other exciting additions to the game.

Starting with the game’s original map, Erangel, we’ll see a transformation that’ll bring its visuals in line with the features, design, and art direction of newer maps. The map will feature new buildings, revamped terrain, and improved graphical fidelity.

Specifically, the developers wanted to make Erangel appear more war-torn, with evidence of battle littered throughout. Expect more tanks, trenches, and barricades, some painted and outfitted in the military camo already featured prominently throughout the Russian land.

Alongside the island rework, balance adjustments for weapons are in tow, though the particulars are still being kept under wraps.

Vehicular gameplay is also getting considerable improvements. Developers will be instituting an auto-acceleration feature, better handling, and tweaks to the speed and durability of several vehicles. And in a move that has everyone thanking the stars, a quick update after the launch of PUBG Season 4 will make it possible for players to use healing items while the car is in motion.

Cross platform play comes to PUBG


Interestingly, PUBG Season 4 marks the arrival of cross-platform play, but sadly this is only limited to players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. 

As for the fun stuff, players will get an updated Survivor Pass, which serves as PUBG’s battle pass, with new co-op missions allowing crews to help one another knock out the various challenges and missions. Buying it will also instantly unlock the first vehicle skin ever made available in the game, which is for the UAZ.

To further keep players satiated, PUBG Corp. dropped a cinematic trailer showing the very first dive into the lore of these wastelands. War ravaged the countrysides of Erangel in 1965, leaving almost nothing but destruction in its wave.

But there was a lone survivor. A young boy was left amidst the rubble that was once his home. After learning to survive off the regrowing land, he sought to invite unsuspecting souls to the island for death battles, seemingly for his own personal enjoyment. He observes the fight through an array of 72 monitors from what appears to be a lavish home, one we can’t imagine exists on any of PUBG’s current islands.

Despite its history of problems, PUBG is still one of the top battle royale games and has enjoyed consistent success with viewers on Twitch. The seasonal updates have done their job in adding new content to entice more engagement from both new and returning players, and as the latest figures to be its biggest such update yet, bigger and brighter things could be on the horizon for PUBG fans.