PUBG lore expanded with new video series detailing Erangel history

By Quentyn Kennemer


Aug 31, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

PUBG Corp. has expanded on the lore of Erangel, the original map for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, with a new series of tour guide-style videos.

The new content is a follow-up to the cinematic trailer for season four, which touched upon the dark history surrounding the island.

In the videos, a cheerful narrator goes over some the map’s recognizable locations and discusses their historical significance. He paints a picture of a small, humble civilization falling victim to an invading force.

The island was taken over by a military of unknown origin and while life continued on for a time, resistance forces eventually battled back and sparked a revolution. This resulted in a series of bombings that killed most of the island’s population.

The tour guide video focuses in on many of the props found on the island and clarifies their lore implications. This includes many of the posters and flags scattered around the remodeled Erangel, as well as areas like the crashed plane and hidden bases.

It also discusses life on the island before the revolution.

PUBG lore for Erangel


The bulk of Erangel’s trade came through the docks at Georgopol, a city that housed much of the population in a sea of high-density apartments. Yasnaya Polyana is another massive concentration of residential space. Flanked by farmlands, it was largely an agricultural zone responsible for feeding both the mouths and pockets of the people.

During the revolution, high points near Stalber and Gatka may have acted as lookout and communications locations for resistance fighters. The military used the prison to house and enslave anyone in rebellion.

Lots of Erangel’s history has been lost, which is why the narrator’s accounts about what happened are often qualified with statements of uncertainty.

The addition of lore to PUBG is surprising given how far along the game is in its lifespan, but is welcome given the game’s decline over the last year. The video seems to be the first in a series, so interested fans ought to keep an eye on PUBG’s official social media channels.


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