Projekt Melody back on Twitch after ban over copyright dispute

Fariha Bhatti • November 6, 2020 10:31 pm

Virtual Twitch star Projekt Melody will continue streaming after Twitch revoked her ban following a thorough rebuttal. The AI VTuber was banned on November 4 from the platform.

Apart from having some of the best streamers in gaming, Twitch has recently become known for rendering unforgiving bans to big names. The streaming platform likes to keep the reasons behind these bans confidential. Most recently, Projekt Melody received the same treatment. However, the streamer disclosed the reason behind her ban after it was rescinded. 
The Chaturbate star lost her Twitch partnership and channel over copyright dispute with a 3D artist. DigitrexV reportedly created Projekt Melody’s virtual figure for $5,000, only to later file a DMCA against the VTuber, resulting in the virtual streamer being removed from the platform.
Projekt Melody’s is now back on Twitch after the one-day ban, with an explanation for the entire fiasco. 

The VTuber said in a twitlonger that DigitrevX was paid the full amount of $5,000 for designing “her body.” She claimed that the designer continued to ask for more promotions and favors, and maintained unprofessional behaviour throughout. According to Projeckt Melody, the artist did plenty more work and refused to accept payments for it, even after she insisted that she pay. He later asked her for $45,000 when she refused to promote his new brand, YFU. 
The Twitch star backed her claims with invoices and screenshots from their chat logs. Twitch has reinstated her account just one day she was banned, but her partnership status is still missing, which could be a massive blow for her.

This was Projekt Melody’s second ban on Twitch

This second ban is not the first time that Projekt Melody has ended up on Twitch’s radar. The streamer gained plenty of negative attention since day one when she became Twitch partner, even before her first stream on the platform in March 2020. Her next controversy followed her in the form of a three-day ban from Twitch soon after she got partnered for being “too spicy”, she tweeted
Twitch has previously banned many streamers without revealing the exact reason. Most recently, Dr Disrespect was prohibited from streaming on the platform, and the reason behind the ban is still a mystery.

Before Projekt Melody revealed the reason behind the recent ban, viewers speculated that the ban was due to the exploitation of Twitch’s terms of service regarding suggestive content. In reality, Projekt’s Melody is known to maintain SFW content on her channel despite her history with adult streaming platforms.


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