Prism II, Horizon skin bundles leaked in-game, now available

Declan McLaughlin • January 22, 22:34

New Valorant skin bundles Prism II and Horizon were leaked on the Valorant store and by established Valorant leakers. These skin bundles are now available to purchase on in the in-game store. Each bundle has five guns that the cosmetic will be available to purchase for, with no new animations, customizable effects, or melee weapons attached to either bundle.

Which guns are getting skins in Prism II and Horizon?

The Horizon skin line is going to be available to purchase and will include skins for the Frenzy, Bucky, Spectre, Bulldog and Vandal guns. The cosmetic looks to be similar to the Nebula bundle with a static image that can change based on movement and what type of lighting the gun is being shown in.

In this case, the static image is that of a sunset with all of the blues, yellows and purples that the phenomenon calls for.

The Prism II bundle will include skins for the Bucky, Shorty, Sheriff, Stinger and Vandal weapons. The bundle is a variation on the original Prism skin line, with the color pink used instead of the blue of the original. 

How much do Prism II and Horizon bundles cost?

The Prism II skin bundle costs 2,930 Valorant Points, with the individual skins also available for 875 VP each.

For the Horizon skins, the bundle will cost around the same as the Prism II, 2,930 VP for the bundle and with skins priced at 875 individually because of the lack of animations or melee skins. 

The Prism II bundle is already available to purchase in the in-game Valorant shop, with the Horizon bundle set to follow shortly after.


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