Popular esports events in Las Vegas

By William Davis


Nov 13, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

While global changes have been difficult for many industries out there and has diminished their growth, esports have not been in that group. In fact, esports have grown bigger and stronger than ever before, and the future of esports seems bright. 

While some doubt that esports will continue their growth and success in the world, others are betting that Las Vegas will become a true hub for esports in the coming years. We all know that esports betting is now very popular and as simple as claiming a wink slots promo code and jumping into betting circles, but just how big of an impact will Vegas have on esports?

CWL Las Vegas Open – COD: Black Ops 4 Tournament

An esports event that has not been held since late 2018 (the 2019 event) because of the pandemic, CWL Las Vegas Open is one of the biggest COD: Black Ops 4 tournaments in the region. 

Organized by Major League Gaming and Activision, the event draws teams from all over the world and awarded $250,000 in prize money in its last iteration. 

Last held at the Hard Rock Hotel, CWL Las Vegas Open was won by OpTic Gaming, who took home a cool $100,000 first place prize, followed by eUnited and Splyce in second and third. It remains to be seen when the event will come back to Las Vegas, but its previous success all but guarantees we will see CWL Las Vegas coming back in the near future. 

Rainbow Six Nationals – The National Rainbow Six Competition

Yet another major esports event held in Las Vegas in 2019 was the Rainbow Six Nationals, one of the biggest Rainbow Six tournaments around. The tournament was held in two conferences (East and West) with a $140,000 prize pool and $50,000 going to the winners, who also became the official Team USA

The event drew all the best Rainbow Six teams from the country, and we can expect it to come back once the pandemic rules are no longer in play and tournaments can be hosted in a familiar way as they used to be back in 2019 and earlier. 

Edgeguard – Super Smash Bros Regional Tournament

The HyperX esports Arena at the Luxor Hotel & Casino is the biggest hub for esports in Las Vegas, and it recently hosted the Edgeguard, the biggest regional event in Super Smash Bros, a game that has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent months. 

The tournament went on over two days, and featured a prize pool of $3,000, with several events taking place and drawing crowds of Las Vegas and regional gamers. The Smash Singles tournament awarded $2,000 plus an additional $10 per player in the biggest event of the weekend. 

On top of the singles event, players could also participate in the doubles and the strike squad events, and friends and fans could also attend the event, share in the entertainment and enjoy food and beverages at this state of the art gaming facility.