Pop Sleep could be the answer to gamers looking for better sleep

By William Davis


Mar 4, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Competitive gamers are always looking for the next great edge that can get on their opponents. But what if getting that edge was as simple as getting a good night’s rest?

That’s an idea that many players are beginning to confront, and it runs counter to a gaming culture that is often built around late nights spent playing games for hours and chugging energy drinks to keep going.

Players need look no further than the professional level to see this change taking form. Many esports teams and organizations now employ health professionals whose primary task is seeing to the health and wellness of the team’s players. The idea is that a healthier player is better able to perform at a high level than one who’s struggling with their wellness.

There are many factors involved in health and wellness. A healthy diet can be key. Physical activity is also important, especially for competitors who spent many dozens of hours each week sitting in a chair while practicing and studying their game. But what about sleep?

Rest is different for everyone, but one constant is that good rest can equate to better performance in-game. This has become so present an issue, that companies are now getting involved and presenting potential means for players to improve their habits.

Pop Sleep is one such company. Specializing in healthy sleep aids, Pop Sleep produced easy-to-use strips that contain 1.5mg of melatonin, a naturally occurring substance that helps the body to fall asleep naturally. The strips are also laced with vitamins B6 and C.

Pop Sleep is confident in its offering, too. The strips come guaranteed with refunds available for anyone for whom they don’t work.

It makes sense that companies like Pop Sleep are beginning to make waves in the competitive gaming space. As players continue to improve their approach to competition, one of the major avenues for this improvement will undoubtedly be health and wellness. With companies like Pop Sleep making it easier than ever before to address these needs, there could be something of a healthy gaming revolution on the horizon.


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