Pokimane hot tub stream breaks Twitch viewership records

By Olivia Richman


May 14, 2021

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There’s a new hot tub streamer on Twitch.

For her birthday, Imane “Pokimane” Anys had a hot tub stream with her friends at OfflineTV, breaking Twitch viewership records. The “hot tub meta” has been a controversial topic at Twitch, but there’s no denying the popularity of this ever-growing category. Streamers, mostly women, wear revealing bathing suits and splash around in a blow-up pool, chatting with viewers.

While it’s led to some short bans, the suggestive streams have largely been allowed to take over the streaming platform. But fans were still surprised when Pokimane announced that she would be doing a hot tub stream for her 25th birthday on May 14. 

Pokimane and OfflineTV celebrate with hot tub stream

Pokimane’s hot tub stream was not as revealing as others in the same category, but that didn’t stop people from flocking in to watch the celebratory broadcast. In fact, the streamers announced that over 100,000 people had tuned in to watch the hot tub stream at one point. 

Instead of bikinis, the cast of famous streamers wore Pokemon onesies, cover-ups, and Jeremy “DisguisedToast” Wang even wore a hilarious shirt with built-in abs. DisguisedToast showed it off ahead of the stream but fans still found it absolutely hilarious once they saw it live on Twitch. Mocking more suggestive streamers, Pokimane and friends even wrote on DisguisedToast’s falsely sculpted body whenever they got subscribers. 

The stream had other entertaining moments as well. At one point, Pokimane suggested bottling up some of the hot tub water, a la “gamer girl bathwater.” While the joke got a lot of laughs from viewers, some may be disappointed to find out that the hot tub water won’t be for sale. Some even asked during the stream if they could purchase the hot tub water for ridiculously high amounts of money. 

The wholesome hot tub stream was definitely a success and a lot of fun for streamers and viewers alike. It will be interesting to see if hot tub streamers like Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa will switch up her hot tub game in an attempt to beat Pokimane’s record. 


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