Pokemon Sword & Shield trainers discover crazy Shiny spawn fact

By Olivia Richman


Jan 27, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The way Shiny Pokemon spawn into Pokemon Sword & Shield is not what trainers originally thought it to be. 

Shiny Pokemon spawn at a rate of 1 in 4,096, meaning it’s quite rare to encounter one of these special Pokemon. This has made them extremely desirable, inspiring hours of grinding as players hope for the rare chance of coming across one. So how does developer Game Freak program when a Shiny finally appears? Serebii’s Joe Merrick hassome interesting insight into this mysterious phenomenon. 

How do Shiny Pokemon spawn in Pokemon Sword & Shield? 

According to the self-proclaimed Pokemon Master, the chance of a Pokemon being Shiny is determined when the monster spawns into the overworld. This means that it is not, in fact, determined when a player encounters the Pokemon, which is what most trainers previously believed. 

The overworld describes Pokemon trainers can physically see, as opposed to those that are hidden within the environment until a player stumbles upon them by accident. This is shocking because it means players are possibly cycling by numerous Shiny Pokemon without even realizing it. 

This thought led a few players to respond on Twitter that Game Freak should have made the Shiny Pokemon appear more obviously Shiny so that players would know which Pokemon to stop for. Other Pokemon fans argued in response that knowing which Pokemon are shiny beforehand takes away from the impact of suddenly encountering one. For these players, the surprise is part of the appeal of Shiny Pokemon. 

Either way, trainers were not too keen on Game Freak’s apparent method of spawning Shiny Pokemon. Some argued that the chance for a Pokemon to be a Shiny should be rolled upon initiating the encounter itself. Maybe the idea of cycling past so many potential Shiny Pokemon without realizing it is too overwhelming a thought for some trainers. 

Knowing how Game Freak determines which Pokemon are Shiny is important. This information might influence some trainers to stop for more Pokemon as they cycle around Galar. But even players that don’t want to keep stopping for Pokemon they see walking around in the grass will eventually encounter a Shiny. It just may take a bit more time. 

Are Shiny Pokemon stronger in Sword & Shield?

Nope! Shiny Pokemon are neither stronger nor weaker than the average Pokemon. They just happen to look a lot cooler. At least, in most cases. 

What is the rarest Shiny Pokemon in Sword & Shield?

One of the rarest Shiny Pokemon are the Eeveelutions. While it’s easy to come across Eevee and then give Eevee an elemental stone to evolve them, finding an Eeveelution wandering around in the wild is a bit of a challenge. It requires specific weather conditions for each one. So to then hope to encounter a Shiny of the Eeveelutions when a trainer finally finds one is a tall order for even the most patient of trainers. 


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