Pokémon GO reveals Bidoof Day featuring special raids, research

By Christian Vejvad


Jun 28, 2021

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Bidoof is completely taking over Pokémon GO. The Pokemon Company and Niantic have confirmed that a special event will be coming based on the beloved master of HMs, featuring a number of fun prizes.

Bidoof Day is scheduled for July 1, 2021. 

Pokémon GO has been dominated by big legendary Pokémon and Charizards for a while but now an unexpected and goofy Pokémon will get the spotlight. On July 1, Bidoof will be celebrated in the game with increased spawns in the wild, a higher chance of encountering shiny Bidoofs, tons of Bidoof raids, and much more. The short event will also have 4x catch XP, setting up players to grind all day in the sun. 

It was already known that Bidoof would get some love in the game on June 15, but now Niantic has stepped it up a notch by dedicating a whole day to the plump beaver Pokémon. With the Bidoof event ending on a bang, players will have all the bonuses originally promised and with a little extra on top. 

Bidoof-only raids and special research story for Bidoof Day

The most significant note on Bidoof day is the fact that Bidoof will take over every raid. Not only will it be in one-star raids, but there will also be three and five-star raids. All Mega Raids will be disabled throughout the day since Bidoof doesn’t have a mega evolution. A shadow version of Bidoof can also be obtained when battling Team Rocket Grunts, but make sure to purify some as well.  

Catching a Bidoof on July 1 will be a piece of cake. All Bidoof caught will know the move Superpower to make the ones caught a bit more special. Using a Charged TM can teach Bidoof moves like Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, or Thunderbolt. With all these new moves, Bidoof caught on the day of the event will be very versatile and maybe surprise some opponents in raids or PvP battles.   

Speaking of PvP battles, the Bidoof Cup will be available in the GO Battle League. Only Bidoof will be eligible in this cup, so don’t expect too much versatility in PvP battles. Instead, players will have to prove that their Bidoof is in the top percentage of Bidoof.  

To complete some research tasks in this Bidoof madness, there will of course be a free event-exclusive special research story. According to Niantic, this will be the first-ever special research where players will have to make choices along the way that can affect the research story and its outcome. Completing the research will earn an exclusive Bidoof Hat for your avatar. 

Get all Pokéballs and raid passes starting on Thursday, July 1, at 10 AM local time, when Bidoof will take over Pokémon GO. The event will end at 8 PM local time. 


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