Players get a better look at new League support champion Yuumi

By Rebekah Drake


May 3, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

The 144th Champion of League of Legends, Yuumi the Magical Cat, is now available on Public Beta Environment servers.

Players have now been able to get their first look at where she might fit into games and have a clearer idea of the new champion’s abilities.

The official trailer for Yuumi’s release was unveiled last week, providing additional insight into the champion’s skill set and potential roles. The Magical Cat seems to be a healing and shield focused support, and is able to share her ability power with an ally with her W ability. Called You and Me, it allows Yuumi to dash and attach to an ally and become untargetable.

The downside to You and Me is that she can’t automatically target enemies, and her other abilities are given a limited charge.

Her passive ability allows for the restoration of mana and production of shields, and relies on attacking enemies consistently in order to be used. Being attached makes this impossible, leaving her stuck with just two charges of the shield as that is how many times she can use her attacking Q ability, Prowling Projectile.

The shield will cover her attached ally, and her other supportive abilities are cast from her ally’s location. Her E ability, Zoomies, would normally heal her and give her a boost of speed – but while attached, these effects will target the attached ally instead. Similarly, her Q ability can fire from her ally’s location and be steered with the mouse. Its damage is adaptive based on the champion she is supporting and will deal additional bonus damage based on how much time it spends traveling through the air.

Her ultimate ability is called Final Chapter and launches waves of magical damage. If three of these waves manage to hit the same enemy, they will become rooted. While using her ultimate ability, Yuumi can still move, heal, and attach to allies.

The general concept of a hero that attaches itself to others is a new one to League of Legends. It could create new opportunities for inventive players, though some have voiced concern that the hero’s style may limit support players’ agency in games.

Yuumi the Magical Cat will be released to live servers with the 9.10 Patch Update, which is due on May 14.