Pine makes return to Overwatch League, signs with Dallas Fuel

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The Dallas Fuel, who are coming off a high after winning the May Melee, are adding to the hype by signing Overwatch League legend Do-hyeon “Pine” Kim to their roster.

Pine was well known in the early OWL days as one of the most dangerous snipers to grace the stage. He retired after two seasons with the New York Excelsior at the end of the 2019 season. But now that he’s back, fans are eagerly awaiting his return to professional play.

One of the nastiest Widowmakers in the game, Pine was well-liked among fans and well-respected among other players. Known as the Big Boss, he garnered a large following at the very inception of the OWL because of his clutch moments during games. 

The Fuel are already one of the toughest teams in the league this year and adding Pine to their roster is only going to make life worse for their opponents. It is also a smart move for the Fuel to sign Pine now since the roster is missing a hitscan DPS specialist. Pine is sure to be of great use to the Fuel now that they have a player who can dominate on heroes such as McCree and Widowmaker, who are always popular picks in competitive play. 

A big hole was left in the Fuel’s roster just a few days before the season started because of Gihyo “Xzi” Jung’s sudden withdrawal from the team. Xzi was forced to return to Korea in order to treat some ongoing health issues, but still remains committed to his team. Because of his treatment, he cannot physically be with the team, which forced the Fuel to play without a hitscan DPS specialist. 

It is impressive that the Fuel still managed to win the May Melee even without a hitscan DPS player, but now that Pine has joined the ranks, fans are eager to see just how unstoppable the team can be. All OWL teams are looking forward to the June Joust, which is the next tournament in the regular season.