Perkz says that Jankos wants to join an LCS team after 2021

By Christian Vejvad


Feb 16, 2021

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G2 Esport’s long-term jungler Marcin “Jankos “Jankowski might be looking to make a move to North America after the 2021 season is concluded. 

On a recent podcast, former G2 Esports veteran Luka “Perkz” Perković mentioned that Jankos “wants to go to NA after this year.” This could be another indicator that the Polish jungler is looking to take a step down in his career after what is looking to be an intense 2021 season.

While the G2 members are known for trolling and bantering on social media, this quote from Perkz seems both genuine and serious.

The 25-year-old G2 jungler is currently playing his third year for G2 and has been considered a top jungler in Europe for even longer. Jankos joined the team for the 2018 season after playing for H2k-Gaming. After Jankos joined G2, the team started to improve immensely and reach greater heights. Jankos was one of the key reasons for G2’s growth over the past years and has played a key part in the team’s domestic and international success. 

At the age of 25, Jankos has reached veteran status and is one of the oldest players in the LEC. With over seven years as a professional player behind him, it would only be natural for him to step down from the highest level of competition at some point. Joining an LCS team would be the natural move for him because he would still likely be able to compete at a high level but with a little less pressure on his shoulders. 

Moving to North America has often been joked about in the League of Legends community but after Perkz made the move to Cloud9 this stigma might change.

Perkz mainly moved to North America to once again play as a mid laner, looking to reach the same heights as he did on G2. It seems highly possible that Jankos could potentially follow Perkz’ footsteps and look to join up with him in the LCS after this year. Having the old G2 duo of Perkz and Jankos reunited in the LCS wouldn’t only be exciting for fans, but also make a potential North American super team.  

For now, fans can only speculate but there might already be potential for big offseason moves when this season is over. 

Jankos and Perkz

What happened to G2 Perkz?

After more than five years under the G2 banner, Perkz decided to leave the team for the 2021 season to join Cloud9 in the LCS. The move was made so Perkz could return to the mid lane, after acting as the starting bot laner for G2.

The move was one of the biggest in the offseason and will likely be remembered in years to come. While the LEC lost a big star player, the LCS gained a new face of the league. 

How good is Jankos?

Jankos is considered one of the best junglers in Europe and has been so for years. Despite his age, he is still mechanically gifted and usually performs when it matters. His big experience on the international stage has made Jankos a true leader in the jungle, which is why he is still with G2 to this day.

Together with G2, he is expected to defend the LEC throne and maybe make a deep run at another World Championship later in 2021. 


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