Pentanet.GG brings female pro DNS as a substitute for MSI

By Christian Vejvad


Apr 28, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

The LCO representative at the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational Pentanet.GG has officially signed Diana “DNS” Nguyen as its substitute for the event as the first-ever woman to attend the event. 

DNS joins the team as the only substitute and will travel with the rest of the Pentanet squad to Iceland for the event starting on May 6. With DNS attending, she will be the first female player to participate in the event since 2015, where the first MSI was played in North America. As a substitute, it’s very unlikely that she will get any stage time, but everything is possible at an international event like MSI. 

DNS is a support player and will likely be a completely new face to many. She got added to Pentanet in the global contract database just a few weeks ago and is, therefore, a new part of the Pentanet team. As a substitute, DNS might not get the biggest impact on Summoner’s Rift but will instead be able to assist the team behind the scenes. Especially for the support role, DNS will be able to provide valuable assistance to the team’s starting support player Daniel “Decoy” Ealam who will also be attending his first major international event. 

With the tournament kicking off in just a few days, Pentanet has already left for Iceland and will be settled very soon to start preparing for the tournament. During their time in Iceland, the team will get valuable scrim experience against some of the best teams in the world while grinding solo queue on the EUW server. 

Who is Pentanet.GG?

As the LCO representatives, Pentanet will be entering the tournament as big underdogs but with a chance at making upsets. Even though Pentanet won the 2021 LCO Spring final after a dominant split, it’s expected that the LCO representative will be weaker compared to the other regions. LCO is still a new league, in a region where most of the big star players have joined bigger regions. 

Pentanet is placed in group A where they will play alongside Royal Never Give Up and Unicorns of Love. The group originally consisted of four teams, but the VCS representative GAM Esports won’t be able to attend due to travel restrictions. This leaves Pentanet with one less opponent to worry about, making it doable to make an upset and finish in the top two of the group. 

Pentanet will play its first game at MSI on May 6 against the LPL champions RNG. 


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