PaymoneyWubby says Twitch ban is “fair” after wardrobe mishap

Jessica Scharnagle • December 30, 18:28

Popular Twitch streamer PaymoneyWubby has received his third ban in the course of 13 months, this time for accidentally sharing a picture of his bare rear on stream.

The cause of the ban Twitch gave PaymoneyWubby is accidental nudity. In a Twitter post about the ban, PaymoneyWubby stated that he agreed with the ban because he was caught on stream “accidentally showing a photo of my ass.”

As shown in a clip circulated on Twitter, the ban happened because PaymoneyWubby was looking at what seemed to be customized holographic Magic cards with user-made titles, photos, and descriptions. A photo of a pinky ring card is shown, and when the next card is revealed, it is a photo of PaymoneyWubby mooning the camera on the card. When the person holding the card realized what was on it, it was quickly whipped away from the camera, but it was on screen long enough for Twitch to catch it and issue the ban.

How long is PaymoneyWubby’s ban?

PaymoneyWubby is only banned for 24 hours because of the mishap. In the email it says that he had violated the accidental nudity policy and was issued a one-day ban. The content related to the ban will also be removed from the streamer’s past videos. 

This isn’t the first time that PaymoneyWubby has been banned from the platform, but it is most certainly his most agreeable ban. In November 2019, PaymoneyWubby was banned for five days following an IRL stream inside a restaurant. The ban was for invading the privacy of others, which angered the streamer due to the fact that he had permission to stream inside the restaurant. The ban was initially for 14 days, but only ended up lasting for five days after a tumultuous battle with Twitch in the appeal process.

PaymoneyWubby has said on Twitter that he will be back to streaming on Friday, January 1.


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