OWL’s Uber wins Esports Casting Award

Rebekah Drake • September 3, 14:16

Overwatch League caster Mitch “Uber” Leslie has been awarded On Camera Talent of the Year at the Stockholm International Esport Awards.

Uber was one of five nominated casters for his category, facing talents from Overwatch, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike:Global Offensive.

Each of the casters were invited to the awards for their accomplishments within the industry. A good caster can make or break a live showing of a match, and the award highlighted the best that professional esports had to offer in this regard.

Uber won the category for his eccentricity and enthusiasm during his time casting for the Overwatch League this year. According to a statement by Metro Esports, who reported on the event, the jury concluded that “Uber has translated his enthusiasm and ability to articulate a match for fans of all levels of experience with the game.”

Uber shed some light on his experience as an OWL caster in an interview with GameHaus shortly after the awards in Stockholm. He stated that he will always enjoy working in a challenging environment, and has every intention of staying in the Overwatch League “as long as [he] can have an impact and continue to grow as a person and broadcast professional.”

Christopher ”MonteCristo” Mykles was nominated for the same award, and Uber offered that he’d learned much from his more experienced colleagues, including MonteCristo.


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