Overwatch veteran Ryujehong is considering joining OWL again

Olivia Richman • August 28, 14:52

Despite having previously made an abrupt departure from the Overwatch League, Jehong “Ryujehong” Ryu has told his fans that he is looking to return to pro Overwatch. 

During a recent live stream, Ryujehong said he plans to continue his pro career once the current Overwatch League season ends. Ryujehong also made it clear that he does not want to be a manager or coach. He is hoping to play competitively again next season.

“But that’s not up to me. Because the thing about the pro scene is that once you’re older, you’re not good – that’s the stereotype. So teams tend to choose younger players,” Ryujehong said. 

The pro Overwatch player did admit to alreaday receiving some offers though, noting that there are OWL teams that already want him. 

Is Ryujehong returning to Overwatch League?

Ryujehong played in the inaugural season of the Overwatch League in 2017, competing for Seoul Dynasty. He also won a gold medal in the Korean World Cup team in 2016. The flex support specialist became quite popular during this time, thanks to his wide hero pool, deadly accuracy, and expert playmaking.

Ryujehong was also a fan favorite because of his passion for the game. Ryujehong’s fans called out the Overwatch League broadcast crew when they chose to mock the player for crying after a loss. 

By OWL Season 2, it seemed as though Ryujehong was carrying a struggling team. It came as no surprise to his fans when Ryujehong announced that he was considering other offers during a stream. 

Ryujehong ended up playing for the Vancouver Titans. But that ended abruptly when the Titans released their entire roster in May. Since then, other team members have spoken out against the Titans, claiming they were cut without their promised contract payouts. Baek “Fissure” Chan-hyung claimed they were “forcibly” removed, even after attempting to learn English. 

While the Overwatch community as a whole was shaken and upset by Titans’ mid-season decision, fans are already excited about Ryujehong’s potential return. Many OWL fans offered support on Twitter. Some also expressed hope that he would join a mixed roster and learn English so they could better understand him given his lively personality. Some fans even begged Paris Eternal to consider adding Ryujehong to their roster. 

For now, Ryujehong’s followers will have to wait for the current Overwatch League season ends before they hear any update on his OWL career. 


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