Overwatch Summer Games 2019 adds weekly challenge mode, 7 new skins

By Rebekah Drake


Jul 16, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

The Overwatch Summer Games are here ahead of schedule.

The latest seasonal event is now live on all platforms. Though the event includes the return of arcade game mode Lucioball and adds seven new skins, the highlight is the introduction of a new weekly reward system.

This year includes fewer unlockable skins than usual, adding only four new legendary tier skins. In past years, there have been at least six golden skins for fans to collect from the Summer Games.

The four legendary skins have been given to Torbjorn, Hanzo, Genji, and Wrecking Ball. While the Shimada brothers’ new look is a bit more serious with their Kendoka and Wave skins, the other two heroes have a more comical look. Torbjorn is ready for a day at the beach with ‘Surf n Splash’, which features a plastic fish attached to his beard and a rubber mallet for a hammer. Hammond’s new skin, named Lucioball, has him dressed up as a ball from the game’s seasonal arcade mode.

As is tradition for the Summer Games event, there are also three epic tier skins for fans to unlock. This year however, the rewards are not gifted at random in loot boxes. Instead, each skin will be available as a reward on a weekly basis. Much like previous skin challenges such as “Bastet Ana” or “Baptiste Reunion”, players will earn a skin after 9 wins, as well as a spray and player icon along the way.

Reaper’s skin will be the first to unlock, with Mei in week two and Reinhardt’s skin becoming available during week three of the event. These three epic skins will be unavailable to purchase or earn as a random loot drop, as they can only be won by completing the weekly challenges.

Along with the cosmetics, there are two new emotes to unlock and one new highlight introduction. As with previous events, all items from prior Summer Games events are now unlocked, making them available for purchase or as possible loot box rewards.

When signing in for the first time, players will get a chance to earn a free themed loot box that will guarantee at least one Anniversary item. The event runs until August 6.


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