Overwatch patch 1.39 brings role queue and Sigma to live servers

Rebekah Drake • August 13, 2019 9:30 pm

A new Overwatch patch has been released by Blizzard for the retail version of the game and is now available on all platforms. 

Overwatch patch 1.39 introduces the 31st hero to the game, along with the role queue system for the competitive game mode. There are also a number of balance changes coming along with this patch. 

Hero 31, better known as Sigma, was first revealed to players three weeks ago and has been on the Public Test Realm ever since. As a new tank class hero, two of his abilities are shield-based to allow him to protect himself and his teammates. He has the ability to absorb projectile damage and convert the energy into personal shields with the Kinetic Grasp power, and can also deploy a moving shield for his teammates with Experimental Barrier. 

His ultimate ability, Gravitic Flux, is an AOE attack that temporarily immobilize enemies in the air before bringing them crashing down with plenty of fall damage. His other ability throws rubble at enemies, causing damage and knockback. 

Along with Sigma, Blizzard has also introduced the first stage of the new role queue system. Role queue allows players to queue competitively based on the specific role they wish to play. The newly introduced matchmaking system will then sort players into a team with two DPS, two supports, and two tanks. 

With the introduction of the new 2-2-2 composition, 10 different heroes have been adjusted to balance the roster. Brigitte has been the most affected, with a rework to both her armor packs and healing kit. Overall, the support hero now has a higher healing output while her survivability has been reduced. 

Reinhardt has been given a new passive ability called Steadfast. The ability gives him an increased resistance to knockback abilities, buffing him as a beefy tank. 

In line with the changes initially posted on the PTR patch notes three weeks ago, D.Va, Doomfist, Symmetra, Tracer, and Wrecking Ball have all received buffs to various parts of their kits. Hanzo, Orisa, and Sombra have all had nerfs to some of their abilities. 

The final change is an adjustment to the endorsement system. Previously, players could only endorse others during competitive or quick play. Now, endorsements can also be applied in arcade game modes and during PvE event modes. 


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