Overwatch League Stats Labs gives fans long-awaited in-depth data

Morten Marstal • February 6, 16:40

Ben “CaptainPlanet” Trautman has revealed Stats Lab, a new tool for gathering statistics about Overwatch League matches

In the past, Blizzard has been particularly aggressive with third-party statistics sites such as Pursuit and Visor, which used information to provide in-game alerts that Blizzard felt created an unfair advantage and violated the user agreement. Teams were unable to use these third-party programs to gather statistics because of the possibility of it creating an unfair advantage, and the topic was heavily debated in the Overwatch League community.

However, just a few days ahead of the 2020 season, fans finally got what they were asking for with Stats Lab. It claims that many of the same insights found in the in-game graphics can also be found using the Stats Lab.

Stats Lab gives players interesting info before OWL Season 3

The complexity of stats that users are able to collect seem to be expansive and offers users the ability to find data for very precise scenarios. An example CaptainPlanet gave was finding the teamfight win rate of the Washington Justice when they had Hanzo in their team composition versus the Guangzhou Charge when they had Widowmaker in their team composition. The number of small details that are included creates a powerful and impressive tool for anyone looking for specific stats.

This has been a sought-after tool for players, fans, coaches, journalists, and analysts alike. The stats will be updated regularly throughout the 2020 season, but it is unclear how quickly the updates will come.

The post includes video guides to instruct users how to utilize the features. There is an impressive collection of instructional videos for users to collect the statistics they seek. The categories are broken into heroes, players, teamfights, and matches. Along with the stat page, there are also descriptions in each category that give more insight into what a specific terms mean.

Overwatch League Stats Lab is currently available for anyone to use and can be found on the official OWL website. The OWL 2020 season starts on February 8.


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