Overwatch League 2020 Grand Finals, All-Star event date announced

By Morten Marstal


Aug 15, 2020

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Fans have long been waiting for a definite start date for the 2020 Overwatch League Grand Finals. Now, they finally have an answer.

The 2020 Overwatch League Grand Finals will be held over the course of three days. From October 8 to 10, two teams from each region will compete in a double-elimination bracket to determine the season’s champion. This year will see two different All-Star games as well. The tournament has been split into two groups, one for Asia and one for North America. One winner will take home $1.5 million and the championship trophy.

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The post-season is set to begin on September 3, where all teams will compete in regional brackets to determine who will go to the Grand Finals from each region. Two North American teams will then travel to Asia and will have to complete a quarantine period before competing in the Grand Finals.

On October 8, the top-seeded teams from each region will compete against each other for the first time this season. Only one winner will emerge as the season’s champion and with no prior matches to compare, it is sure to be an exciting match for fans.

Overwatch League All-Stars will get two tournaments this year

The annual All-Stars event will take place before the Grand Finals, and should be a treat that sees fan-favorites face off. All-Stars Asia will be held on September 26, and the North American region will take place October 3. 

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The types of matches remain similar to previous years. Broadcast talent will play a 6-on-6 match and there will be a Widowmaker one-on-one, headshots-only match where top Widowmakers compete against each other to crown a champion. The main event is the All-Stars game, where six players from each division in their region play a 6v6 match. 

All-Star voting is currently open for fans to choose who will compete. The participants and more details will be released in September. 


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