Overwatch game mode Push explained in-depth by Jeff Kaplan

Rebekah Drake • November 4, 02:55

Alongside the reveal of Overwatch 2 was the announcement of a new game mode.

Push will join Assault, Control, Escort, and Hybrid maps as PvP game modes. The new game mode will also be added to Overwatch 1 at some point.

Jeff Kaplan revealed the match type during a presentation at BlizzCon 2019, and introduced it as a new core game mode. This means Push will be added to the quickplay and competitive match rotations. It is the first new mode of this type to enter the game since the release of Overwatch.

What is new Overwatch game mode Push?

The objective of Push is to move a small wall or bollard from the center of the map into enemy territory. Each team has their own wall to push, though it can only be moved with the help of an escortable omnic.

While pushing the wall, the omnic moves slowly and must be defended from the enemy team. If a team wins a skirmish, they are able to take control of the omnic and direct it to their own movable wall. If it is not pushing anything, the omnic can move much faster, enabling the team to run back along the track towards their own checkpoints.

The team that is able to maintain control and push their wall to the end of the map, or move their wall the the furthest during the time limit, wins.

As a new competitive mode, Push will also be joining the Overwatch League, offering a new play style for viewers and competitors alike.

According to Kaplan, the maps for this game mode are designed with flanking in mind, with ample side routes and shortcuts placed along the main path of the robot. During playtesting, this has enabled new hero compositions that aren’t typically favored in other match types. It should provide an interesting new flavor during OWL matchups.


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