Other regions to watch i the Valorant Champions Tour

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As the Valorant Champions Tour heats up, many regions are fighting tooth and nail to claim a coveted spot in the next stage of Riot Games’ competitive circuit. There have been massive upsets and new challengers in both North America and Europe, but many of the best plays and series from the circuit have come from other regions.

With the region locking of the tournament series, smaller regions have been battling it out against each other and have developed their own rivalries and style of play. Here are some other regions to watch as the VCT continues throughout the year.

Brazil and its duelists

Brazil is a massive region in other esports titles like Counter-Strike and League of Legends. There are big organizations like Furia, B4 eSports, and paiN Gaming that are fielding teams and looking to capture an early title in the Valorant esports scene.

The region may also be home to some of the most individually talented players. Leonardo “mwzera” Serrati on Gamelanders and Alexandre “xand” Zizi are two of the brightest stars in Brazil and put together highlight plays regularly.

Brazil is one of the most entertaining regions for Valorant because of its extremely bloody playstyle. Most teams put all of their effort into supporting one strong duelist, either on Reyna or Raze, and create an environment for them to pop off. 

South Korea and its tactics

South Korea may not have taken to Valorant like Riot would have wanted it to, but the region does have a dedicated fan base with some interesting professional teams. Some of the most innovative and meta-defining strategies have come from the region and it has shown no signs of slowing down.

The main team that catches most people’s eyes is Vision Strikers. The team is currently on a 52-game winning streak and is the overwhelming top team in the region. While many of the team’s players are not mechanically impressive, they make up for it with their preparation and map mastery. Most teams from Europe and North America credit this team for many of their current strategies, especially involving Breach and Jett combo plays.

Asia-Pacific and its potential

We’re lumping many of the Asian-Pacific countries together in this category because, while the teams are separated by the VCT circuit, they regularly practice with each other and have competed in third-party tournaments together. This region is a well of untapped potential as many of the teams in it like Absolute Jupiter and RNG have been running through the competition.

Without much in terms of competition within their own VCT events, many teams from countries like Japan, India, and China have been on massive win streaks that indicate a need for international competition.

This clump of teams are interesting to watch because of their interesting compositions, sometimes running no duelists or adopting triple duelist, and mechanical ceiling. Unlike Brazil, which has a few bright stars on each team, Asian-Pacific teams often have full teams of mechanically gifted players that crank out miracle-like plays regularly.


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