Optic Gaming launches its own social app

By Milo Webb


Sep 19, 2018

Reading time: 1 min

OpTic Gaming is joining forces with Singapore-based company JET8 to create their own social app called OpTic Snap.

The application serves as a means for the organization’s fan base to interact with each other across the world. Using OpTic Snap, users can share exciting gameplay highlights and photos of fans from various social media platforms.

“Our hope is that OpTic Snap will be a key platform for our now-global community to engage with each other,” said Jesal Parekh, senior international development manager for OpTic Gaming.

Aside from its direct connection to the OpTic brand, what differentiates OpTic Snap is the implementation of a unique reward system.

App users earn an online currency known as “JETS” by receiving in-app likes, shares, and comments. This currency can then be redeemed to collect discount vouchers for official OpTic merchandise, including pro hoodies, player jackets, t-shirts, and more.

“This isn’t just an opportunity for us to give back to the fans that have loyally supported the organization for years,” said Romain Bigeard, General Manager for OpTic Gaming. “It’s a way for us to help them get even better connected with each other as well, forging tighter bonds and an even more vibrant fan culture.”

OpTic Snap has its work cut out for it in finding its niche as it measures up to other social gaming apps such as Discord, which already has its own subsection for OpTic Gaming. It remains to be seen whether the promise of discounted merchandise will encourage users to switch platforms.

OpTic Snap is available now as a free download for Android users on the Google Play store, and an iOS version is said to be on the way.


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