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Once Human closed beta, release date, gameplay

By Olivia Richman


Apr 5, 2024

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Pre-registration for the survival game Once Human has far exceeded expectations as gamers flock to the apocalyptic game.

Developed by NetEase, Once Human is a survival game in which players head into the wild to fend for themselves, defending their resources against horrifying monsters and other desperate players.

Once Human pre-registration shocks gamers

The third closed beta for Once Human is now live for PC players. The total number of pre-registrations for this closed beta was well over 9.9 million, just below 10 million.

Having nearly 10 million players sign up for a closed beta is quite incredible. The number most likely includes Steam and Google Play. This is a huge milestone that has left the gaming community quite impressed.

While most people signed up for the closed beta to experience the intense gameplay, gamers were also promised rewards like in-game currency (Energy Link) and useful items that will help them survive.

Once 10 million people sign up, players will also unlock a reward called Surprise Furniture. The next milestone is 20 million signups, which will give participants a pair of Dragon’s Grip Gloves.

What is Once Human gameplay like?

This survival game takes place on Earth in an apocalypse scenario. Humans are left to battle monsters after an alien known as Stardust infested the planet. You will join a team, build a base, gather weapons and resources, and survive against monsters, enemies, and the weather.

The monsters are known as Deviants. There are about 40 types in the game right now. You can capture the Deviations and then place them in your camp. Every monster has its own unique skills and benefits.

There are five factions in Once Human. You’ll be part of the Mayfly, protecting justice and freedom while inspiring others to have courage. The others include:

  • Blackfell – Focused on a strict work regiment and rationing, protective of their oil resources
  • Rosetta – They believe humans can become stronger with Stardust power, specialize in communication technology and strong, chemical-inspired weapons
  • Vulture – Made up of thugs, bandits, and other outcasts that don’t care that the world is ending
  • Guerilla – Military-inspired and hoping to restore order no matter what it takes
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The open world features a wide range of environments — from the desert to forest — and weather conditions. As you explore, you will encounter horrifying enemies just about everywhere. Use lethal weapons and powerful skills to take them down.

Scattered throughout the map, you’ll also find challenges and various game modes. There are PvP and PvE modes available, allowing for a wide range of activities for all types of survival gamers.

How to access Once Human closed beta

The closed beta for PC players is currently available. You can check out how to sign up and download the beta launcher on the official site. Mobile players can sign up for beta access as well.

When is Once Human coming out?

Once Human has no specific release date but we expect it to come out in Q3 of 2024. It will be on PC.