hyperx cloud 3 wireless

On-hands review of HyperX Cloud III Wireless headset

By Marta Juras


Oct 12, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

HyperX’s Cloud II was one of the most popular gaming headsets and for good reasons. The headset looks good, has great sound, and it’s comfortable and durable. But can its new version, HyperX Cloud III, compare?

We review the HyperX Cloud III Wireless gaming headset after using it for a couple of weeks for different purposes, from gaming to voice chats.

Pros and Cons

Packed in the signature red box, the Cloud III headset looks familiar at first glance, as it’s very reminiscent of its predecessor. The HyperX Cloud II is still a popular gaming headset thanks to its cushioned comfort and durability, and being built very similarly, the Cloud III is as well.

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It comes packed with a wireless dongle that can be connected via USB-C and USB-A, so it can be connected to a PC/laptop, PlayStation, XBOX, and Nintendo Switch, as well as other necessary cables.

Comfortable designMuffled bass sounds
Durable build
Honed positioning sounds

For its price point, the headset also has a long-lasting battery. With 120 hours of battery life, users can easily find themselves charging it only once every few weeks.

HyperX Cloud III is good for gaming

Gamers will be happy to hear this headset has a great sound for gaming. All in-game sounds come through very clearly, and the direction of positional sounds is intuitive as well. This is also true while voice chatting with teammates; distinguishing between in-game noise and voices was easy.

The microphone on the headset sends through high-quality sound as well. It’s not a microphone for professional voice recording, but it’s more than satisfactory enough for voice and video calls. The microphone is detachable and now features a noise-reducing mesh filter together with an indicator for when muted.

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The muffled bass sounds and too much treble don’t make it a great headset for music. Those who are looking for a high level of sound quality and wish to hear every instrument clearly when listening to music may want to search further.

Where to buy HyperX Cloud III Wireless

HyperX Cloud III can be purchased via Amazon with a starting price of $150 USD. Two versions of the gaming headset are available, a classic red/black, as well as a fully black version.


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