NVIDIA hud removal is making flash capabilities in Valorant dysfunctional

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 26, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

NVIDIA GeForce’s settings have been messing with the Valorant flashes.

Annoying Valorant flashes recently got tweaked in patch 3.00, but an unofficial NVIDIA nerf is rendering them useless. Players have discovered that the blindside effect can be turned off by removing the HUD from NVIDIA settings. 

The GE force Experience may help you record cool plays to flex on your followers and friends but it can also help you get free kills in patch 3.0. A weird bug triggered with NVIDIA is making the rounds among players confused as to why some enemies are retaliating despite the flash. Turns out, the software is triggering a bug, which makes players immune to all flash abilities in Valorant, except for Reyna’s leer. 

A Reddit user posted a clip from practice range where Kay/O’s flash ball bounced off the floor and washed the screen in powder blue. However, the same ability failed to have any impact when the player turned off the Valorant HUD. As soon as the bars across the screen turned off, the player became immune to the blinding effects. 

This bug can be game-breaking in competitive matches where flashes are one of the most overpowered agent abilities. By turning off the HUD, players can easily dodge the flashbangs without turning away. This particular ability has caused a lot of nuisance among players, and NVIDIA has finally delivered a temporary fix. The bug applies to all agents, including Pheonix, Breach, and Skye, which is rather worrying for main flasher players. 

A few hours after the bug post gained traction, players confirmed that it’s not working anymore in ranked games or practice range. The players figured that the developer might have instantly patched it due to the severity of the glitch. However, many others reported that it could still be triggered on occasion if you kept spamming flashes with HUD turned off. The developer hasn’t officially addressed the game-breaking glitch, but players are torn whether it’s actually been fixed or not. 

Considering the bug’s severity, the developer may roll out a hotfix as it can easily be exploited in ranked games. Many other bugs have also been reported since Kay/O entered the roster with Episode 3, and the developer was quick to patch most of them. To be safe, players should refrain from playing solo ranked games till a proper fix has been delivered.