Nexus Blitz might return to LoL for potential Christmas event

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Nexus Blitz might be back on the League of Legends live servers during December. 

The popular game mode is currently enabled on the Public Beta Environment (PBE), which does indicate that Nexus Blitz will likely return to the live servers throughout December. Nexus Blitz is known as one of the most popular featured game modes and it looks like Riot will bring it back for a potential Christmas event.

The last patch of 2020 is expected to hit the servers on December 9. With patch 10.25, Riot has already teased a lot of further changes to items and champions but the developers have not talked about a potential Christmas event yet. 

Nexus Blitz hasn’t been on the live servers since the Spirit Blossom event back in July, where Riot reworked the whole map to a new theme and added new in-game events. If Nexus Blitz returns during the holidays, the map might still have the Spirit Blossom theme and the in-game events that players could enjoy during the summer. 

Many fans are hoping for some sort of winter-themed map for the Christmas event, but it’s unlikely that Riot will bring it back for either Summoner’s Rift or Nexus Blitz. 

Patch 10.25 will go live on December 9 and more info about the Christmas event will likely be revealed soon. 

What is Nexus Blitz in League of Legends?

Nexus Blitz is a special game mode in League of Legends that was introduced for the first time in 2018. The game mode isn’t made for competitive play, but for players to have fun in a high-tempo game mode.

The objectives of Nexus Blitz is the same as in any game of League of Legends but does have some special features to it. During the game, a variety of in-game events will take place, where the teams can win different bonuses to boost their chances of taking down the enemy Nexus.  

How does Nexus Blitz work?

Nexus Blitz is a 5v5 game mode just like on Summoner’s Rift, but takes place on a new map where a lot of action takes place. The map consists of two lanes and a jungle, where players can roam from one side to the other very fast. This makes up for the perfect battleground, and as always, the team that takes down the enemy Nexus wins. 

Who is strong in Nexus Blitz?

The good thing about Nexus Blitz is that most champions can be viable if played well. Nexus Blitz is full of action, which means that any champion could snowball and become very strong. With that said, champions such as Kayle, Jax, and other scaling damage dealers are known to do very well in the game mode.