LoL players discover hilarious use for champion Viego’s passive

By Christian Vejvad


Jan 10, 2021

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Players are already starting to find some funny interactions using the newest champion Viego’s passive, Sovereign’s Domination. 

Viego has only been available for testing on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) for a few days, but his kit is already being explored and tested on full blast by dedicated players. One of the most surprising interactions is done through Viego’s passive, Sovereign’s Domination, where he is able to transform into a training dummy from the practice tool. 

Viego passive can turn him into a training dummy from r/leagueoflegends

The reason why Viego can turn himself into a target dummy is because of his passive. Sovereign’s Domination allows Viego to temporarily possess enemy champions that he helps kill. When possessing the enemy, Viego’s items, attacks, and non-ultimate abilities transfer into the enemy’s. This means that Viego can potentially play any champion in the game, including a target dummy. 

While many players weren’t aware, the target dummy in the practice tool does in fact count as an enemy champion. Killing it on Viego will therefore trigger his passive and allow him to possess the dummy. While this is a funny interaction, playing as a target dummy won’t result in much. When transformed into a target dummy, Viego won’t be able to move around normally but he can use summoner spells such as Teleport and Flash.  

This interaction is likely the first of many. Viego is unique in the way that he can play as other champions, which is never seen before in League of Legends. It’s very likely that other fun moments will follow when players get to play Viego a bit more.  

Viego is set to release on patch 11.2 that goes live on January 21. 

When is Viego released in LoL?

Viego is expected to hit the live servers on patch 11.2. Riot recently released the first patch of Season 11, followed up by adding Viego to the PBE. After a few weeks of testing, Riot will be confident enough to unleash the Ruined King on Summoner’s Rift and allow players to try him out in ranked and other game modes. Patch 11.2 is set to go live on January 21.  

What role is Viego in LoL?

Viego is designed to be the next jungler in League of Legends. His kit has damage, crowd control, and even stealth, making him very viable as a carry champion in the jungle. Viego seems like a perfect pick to roam around the map and try to take down enemy champions in all different lanes to take over their bodies. 


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