New Viego bug can cast different spells three times at once

Christian Vejvad • May 25, 2021 1:21 pm

Viego has been going through a rough time with many game-breaking bugs and now a brand new one has been discovered. 

In a recently discovered bug, Viego is able to cast certain spells three times at once. This is done through an interaction with Kha’Zix and makes it possible to cast spells such as Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab (Q), Jinx’s Super Mega Death Rocket! (R), and much more in a cone of three spells. The bug will only occur in very specific scenarios, which is likely why it hasn’t been discovered before now.

With that said, it’s definitely game-breaking and will likely be fixed soon.    

To make this bug happen, Viego essentially has to kill a Kha’Zix and another enemy champion within a short span of time. This will allow him to possess Kha’Zix through his Sovereign’s Domination passive. When taking over Kha’Zix’s body, it’s possible to cast the upgraded Void Spike (W) right before possessing the next corpse. 

Timing this correctly will get the game to shoot out the next body’s abilities instead of the Void Spikes from Kha’Zix. Doing this with champions such as Blitzcrank, Jinx, or Jayce will make up for some never-seen interactions. In the case of Blitzcrank, three Rocket Grabs will be sent out in a cone, having the potential of hooking three enemy champions at once. 

The interaction itself is clearly a bug but also very hard to execute. It’s probably a bug that most players would never run into no matter how many games of Viego they play. With that said, the possibility will always be there for people to abuse so it’s expected that Riot will fix this shortly. 

Lunar Beast Viego

Is Viego good in LoL? 

Viego has had a rough start in League of Legends and the same can be said for his win rates in solo queue. After several patches of balancing, it finally seems that Viego is starting to be a serious and strong pick on patch 11.10. In the mid lane, Viego is sitting at a 51.14% win rate in Platinum rank and higher. This alone makes him one of the best picks on the patch. In top and jungle, Viego is at below 50% win rate but still considered a viable pick in certain matchups. 

What role is Viego in LoL?

Viego is a champion that can be flexed into many different roles. In fact, Viego is currently being played in three roles on patch 11.10. His main role is the jungle, which he was originally designed to. Even though most players wield him in the jungle, he is performing better in mid or top when it comes to win rate.  


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