New strategy allows secret spying on attackers at Split’s A site

Nick Johnson • February 2, 2021 7:29 pm

Riot Games has tried to keep boosts and one-sided lines of sight out of Valorant, but one player discovered a way for players to peek into a vent on Split. The powerful position allows players an early warning if enemies decide to come through the middle of the map, and makes the map’s A site even more difficult to crack.

Spilt can be a difficult map for defenders, especially when the attacking team takes middle. But an overlooked spot at the bottom of drop lets players see into vent and get the jump on enemies splitting the map’s A site.

New drop peak makes defending Split’s A site easy

Attacking teams will usually try to split the A site through middle in order to counter the site’s single entrance, but an enterprising player showed off a brand new way to defend against the common strategy. When standing at the bottom of drop, the wall closest to the middle has a window that is completely see through, and it gives a serious advantage to any player waiting at the bottom. A video that accompanied the post even showed off the spot in action.

In Split (Vents) there is a little corner were you can see the enemies without them seeing you !! from r/VALORANT

The glass is one-way, allowing the  drop player a safe angle from which they can defend vent, drop, and the A site without being in any danger at all. It gets even worse for any opponents that come through the connector, as the glass is thin enough for weapons like the Vandal to punch right through to grab easy kills. 

While the glass slows the weapon’s bullets that it takes more than the usual single headshot from the weapon to grab a kill, the one-way window gives more than makes up for the extra bullet. It’s so power that the discovery of Split’s one-way glass might be enough for defenders to completely lock down the A site from attacking teams.

Given that there’s room for attackers or retaking defenders to outplay the spot, it’s unlikely that Riot intended the trick to be possible. Many areas on Split, including vent, saw serious changes in Valorant’s recent patch 2.01. It’s possible that the glass was accidentally changed when Riot altered the connecting area to make it more readable for players.

Now that the window is a hot topic in the Valorant community, fans will get to see whether or not Riot created this opportunity for defending players on purpose. If not, then Riot will likely patch out the overpowered position sooner than later. 


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