New Oni Valorant skins improve the Phantom, Sakura Bundle teased

Neslyn Apduhan • July 27, 01:21

Riot has revealed two quality skin bundles. The Oni skin upgraded the look of the Phantom.

After the success of the Elderflame bundle, players were treated to another new set of skins. The Oni Bundle features new skins for the Guardian, Phantom, Bucky, and knife.

The Oni Phantom cosmetic is the second evolving skin in Valorant. The Phantom is one of the game’s go-to primary weapons. Although there is an ongoing debate if Phantom is better than the Vandal, Vandal was first to earn evolving skins. The Prime Vandal and Elderflame Vandal featured alluring effects and variants.

The Oni skin set looks poised to put other Phantom skins to shame. Players can upgrade up to three colors variants.

The Phantom skin alone costs 1,775 Valorant points. Players save 4,725 Vpoints if they opt for the Oni Bundle which costs 5,324 Vpoints. Players can also upgrade the effects and variants of skins with Radianite points.

Riot teases new Valorant skins in the Sakura bundle

The Sakura Bundle is expected to hit the store at some point after the Oni skin set. The new skin set will be applied to the Ares, Classic, Sheriff, Stinger, and Vandal.

Players can preview the weapons on the Collection tab. It looks like there are no available effects upgrades for the Sakura bundle.

Players have pleaded Riot to remove the Rotating Store and create a one-stop-shop instead. Riot is likely content in not listening to fans, as limited edition cosmetics are a proven success in free-to-play games such as Fortnite and League of Legends.

New bundles, such as the Oni bundle, are featured in the store for two weeks. Players can buy individual gun skins or opt for the bundle at a discounted price. Purchasing bundles will also give players freebies including cards, Gun Buddies, melees, and sprays.

Individual weapon skins are also available every 24 hours. However, skins players have already purchased are still featured in the daily rotation. Players hoped that Riot would remove these weapons on the rotation to give more spots for skins that were not yet purchased.


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